Quality or Standard is the trademark of Lee Power System. We emphasize on the external appearance as well as the intricacies in technical work while executing Electrical installation task. Aesthetics in accordance with Line-Curve for Conduits & Cable Trays including Light Fixtures supports. Technical supremacy related to Cable Gland Terminations, Wiring Ferrules, DB Termination, Raising Main Installation, Cabling etc.,

Quality is obtained both by utilizing updated tools & equipment and importantly a skilled human resource. Quality affirmation begins from the applying of the materials and the order to the suppliers will contain the entire details specified in the “Tender Document”. The Supplier will be strictly instructed on the material supplied by the Supplier which should abide by the specification norms.

Quality Inspects

All the materials accepted at the site will be visually verified for any physical or mechanical damages and any missing or shortfall in supply materials, the same will be reported to the Office to take necessary action. The materials received at the site will be properly stored and identification tags will be provided before issuing the material for the work. The same will be physically validated and issued.
For all the key machinery/equipment supplied by us, compulsory factory test certificates, Directive manuals, wherever applicable will be recorded in systematic documentation and a reprint version of the same along with the final as-built drawings will be submitted to the consultants/clients for their maintenance of records.

Quality inspects/ test for different materials are as listed below:

  • For Electrical Panels / Distribution Boards – Surface finish and Paint shade, rating and representation of constituents. Dimensions, Cut-outs and mounting arrangements, Gland plate size, and hole, Knockout size type, and size of Bus bars will be thoroughly checked. Apart from this, the flow check, Insulation support test, High Voltage test, Functional test, and Type test will be implemented.
  • For Power and Control cables – Size, number of cores, color, depth of outer sheath, inner sheath & insulation, number of strands, conductor gauge, and type of insulation will be checked. Also Conductor resistance test. Insulation resistance test and High voltage test will be carried out.
  • For wires – Covering, size, number of strands and insulation resistance will be checked.
  • For Cable Tray and Raceway – Dimensional details, Surface finish, Cable tray / Raceway type, Support system, Couplers will be checked. Apart from this, Galvanizing test certificate, Load test and Earthing for trays will be provided.
  • For Channels – Size, Gauge / Thickness, Surface finish, accessories and type of conduit will be checked.
  • For Light fixtures – Model number Made, wattage, Surface finish, Type of Holder, earthing, Type & make of Lamp / LED, Ballast and Driver type will be checked. Also, the high-level calculation will be

executed. For Switches / Sockets – Types made. Model number & rating, Size / Gauge of the box and Front finish will be checked. Also, a functional test and continuity test will be applied.

For Earthing – Material, Gauge Depth, and proportions, clamp/saddle is checked.

For Bus ducts – Kinds made. Model number & rating, Size of the box, Finish, Earthing arrangement will be checked. A type test certificate will be offered.